SPHQ Rehearsal Space is right in the heart of Bristol, on Gloucester Road. It has backline included in the hire rate and is available day and evening, 7 days a week.


£10 per hour for bands

£35 for 4 hour evening session 7pm until 11pm

(Includes PA, drum shells and hardware, 1 guitar amp and bass amp )


Weekly rehearsal £120 PCM for same evening each week.

Full day lock  in (8 hours) -£70   ( 9am until 5pm / 3pm until 11pm )

On a Mission – lock in deal (12 hours) – £100


£7 per hour for drummers practicing

£60 for 10 hours ( *T&Cs apply )


Drum Breakables- £5 per session

2nd Guitar amp – £5 per sesson

Bass Guitar – £5 per session

Electric Guitar – £5 per session

Nord Stage 1 Keys – £10 per session

Electro Acoustic guitar – £10 per session

We also have several residency spots for Bands that include 6 sessions per month for the price of 4. Call up and ask for details about availability.



Using SPHQ as a teaching space is a fantastic option if you are a private music teacher.

The PA system is ready to go for your backing tracks or metronome and the drum kit bass amp, and guitar amp are all included in the price.

 Teaching rate for the room is only £7 per hour, or £60 for 10 hours, T&Cs apply




*Terms and conditions of bulk buying hours

1- the block music be used within 1 month of purchase, eg £60 for 10 drummer practice hours bought on 3/4/22 to be used by 4/4/22 .

2- PA and Drum breakables included in price as well as drum kit 🙂