Backline Hire


Marshall Valvestate 100w Guitar amp combo   £40

Laney 200w Guitar amp combo   £40

Fender 100w Guitar combo   £40

Harkte 350w Bass amp with 4×10 cab   £40

Fender Deluxe valve amp 40w guitar amp   £40


Amps come fully serviced

Backline Hire Package deals available-

Drums and 2 amps for £140

Drums and 3 amps for £170


Drum kits

1 x Tama Starclassic (Black pearl finish)   £65

22”, 10”, 12”, 14”

1 x Tama Swingstar (Dark Blue finish)   £55

22”, 12”, 14”, 16”

1x Pearl Vision (Blue to Black fade finish)   £55

20”, 12”, 14”, 16”

All kits come with serviced and complete hardware, mostly double braced.


 Cymbal pack (hats, crash, ride )   £20

Snare Drums   £20

Millennium Pro Double Kick drum pedal   £10

Breakables Package deal

Snare, Cymbals, and Bass drum Pedal for £35




Nord Stage 2 76HA   £75

Percussion Set

( Contact for rates )

Natal Spirit Congas with stands   

Natal Spirit Bongos with stand   

Balafon with Keyboard stand stand 

Xylophone with Keyboard stand 

+ Tambourine, Shakers, Cowbells, Darabuka, Woodblocks etc available



PA Equipment

We hire an active HK Audio Actor PA system.


£150 PA hire Tops only 

£200 with 2 subs or 2 monitors

£250 with 2 subs and 2 monitors

£300 with 4 subs and 2 monitors


Analog Sound Desks

1x Soundcraft Mixwizard with Compressors and Gates, plus 2 stereo EQs

1x Mackie 1608 Mixer ( 16 XLR inputs)    

1x Yamaha MG1204 Mixer (12 Channels, 8 XLR inputs)

Wedge Monitors

2x 600w HK Audio Powered monitors

1x Wharfdale Pro X15PM 350w Powered Monitor

2x 200w monitors passive with Crest Audio Amp


Selection of microphones, stands, and multicores and cables available with hire.