After 10 years of putting on small events and gigging with bands in Norwich at one point playing regularly in 7 different bands and putting on at it’s peak hosting 10 gigs a month for a couple of years, I moved to Bristol to focus more on drumming; performing, recording, and teaching.

   Most recently, I’ve been working on finishing the debut album from Almatic, Bristol based Hip-Hop band. My drum parts are all tracked and the mastered tracks we’ve had back so far from legendary Bristol Hip-Hop producer Habitus are sounding great. I’ve been playing live with The Globo Collective for all their live UK shows, and also doing some functions gigs, and busking shows with hot jazz and blues bands. The Kirris Riviere Blues Band have also been recording, making an album of our new arrangements of some lesser know blues tracks and recording them using some cool old gear old techniques.


This year I have been composing an album of music to release under my own alias, and  I have had small, and not so small contributions from some really talented musicians and I can’t wait to name and thank them properly when the album is finished. I’ve been writing and recording the drums, Keys, synths and percussion for the tracks, and Norfolk/London based Multi-instrumentalist and composer Luke Kerry has been laying down basslines to pull the songs together, or propel them forward into the next step of construction. Artwork from Lucy Condon has been representing the project in it’s current, pre -release phase.

Writing my own music has been the most scary, exciting, frustrating, joyful, rewarding and exhilirating project I’ve ever undertaken. I can’t wait to release something I’m proud of and burtling to put out, early 2022.


In the last few years, I’ve played with 30+ bands, some of the shows ranging over 10 countries. Genres include many from Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jungle and Live Drum and Bass through to folk, country and more experimental electronic performance. Some of the highlights have been stepping in super last minuite to drum for Sefo Kanuteh and his band at The Harlequin Fayre for the headline slot on the mainstage, and busking and gigging across 8 countries in 7 days and then completing a residency at Ferrara busking festival with The Gin Bowlers. In 2019, touring overland from the UK to the eastern corner of Finland near russia with Mustard Brass Band, busking inbetween trains and buses, was an amazing experience and we met many incredible people. Also, in 2019, playing a sold out show at SWX in Bristol with Mr Tea and the Minions at their show supporting Dubioza Kollectiv was a high pressure session gig which I really enjoyed. Other bands I’ve filled in for or played with include True Strays, The Midnight Zu, The Rin Tins, Ushti Baba (Transcribing all beatbox parts to drumkit!), The Bare Souls, I have been working as a drummer, session drummer, booking agent, festival booker, sound engineer, promoter, venue music manager, stage tech, music teacher, drum workshop leader, tour driver and tour manager  in the last 18 years and building up my experience in all these fields.

I love to travel and I love to perform. I own a 7 seater van which is great for getting me and bands around, and my own equipment to further help with logistical solutions for touring and travelling. You can find images and insights on my Sprinter van travels and adventures on my instagram page. I have a deep aspiration to keep growing creatively, with performing recording and collaborating.


I have several PA systems ready to go, for all situations where a band or DJ needs to play to between 20 and 300 people. As well as this at SPHQ there is an extended list of equipment that is available to hire on the Hire Page.

Experienced and insured sound engineers and are also available to hire.